Shrimp Processor & Distributor

Lafitte Frozen Foods offers many different services and products.  Not only do we offer our own brands of shrimp but we can custom pack into private labels to fit your needs.  We have the capability of producing block frozen, peeled un-deveined (PUD), Peeled and deveined (PND), Headless, IQF, White, Brown, and  value added shrimp products.  Our highly qualified team will proudly custom pack any of these products into your own private labels using the packaging specifications of your choice.  Contact us today to see how we can help you

Our Services

LAFITTE: 5165 Caroline Street, Lafitte, Louisiana 70067  Office: (504) 689-2041

VIOLET: 2521 Packenham Road, Violet, Louisiana 70092  Office: (504) 304-4805